Being an iTrainer

Good news, if you have ever helped someone else, like a friend or family member, with their iPhone, Mac or other Apple product or service, or Apple Health-integrated apps and related personal fitness training, then you are already an iTrainer!

You are also an iTrainer if you are an Android person, and you have helped somebody with their tech, or other Internet apps, products or services.

Anybody can be an iTrainer, regardless of tech choices. If you know Internet technology, apps or services, you can teach others!

If you are an Apple or Android Consultant, or otherwise professionally teach people how to use their Apple or Android apps, products and services, then you are also an iTrainer and do it for a living, which is a nice way to pay the bills.

To let the world know that you are an iTrainer and available to teach people how to use their Apple or Android products and services, including Apple Health or Android Health Connected Fitness apps, contact and connect with us here at iTrainer now and see what we have to offer you to support your mission.